Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My latest Etsy purchase: ingie

Darn that Etsy. If it weren't for the seriously cute little guys like Mister Bunny Bear Gerald (OK, you had me at "bunny bear"), I would have so much more disposable cash stockpiled than I do. :)

I succumbed to this little guy yesterday. I cannot wait to see him! From ingie at Etsy.

Share with us the link to one of your most recent Etsy purchases! I love to see what other folks find!


Melissa said...

so cute!

paperhill said...

etsy is dangerous! my last purchase was jewelry supplies. i love your little guy!

Lisa said...

Absolutely adorable! My last purchase was 500 zip lock baggies. Not as cute!

Leaves of Glass said...

yay for ingie! i have a mister poirot has the clue bunny, and i LOVE him. (although as i'm looking over at him on the bookshelf, i see he's fallen over - probably from clue exhaustion...).

my last purchase was a collective names of animals tee from xenotees for my nephew's third birthday; he'll love it!