Monday, June 15, 2009

Vintage goodness

Considering that I was the kid who grew up on hand me downs and thrift store clothes (p-o-o-r), I have a love/hate relationship with vintage items! But what's not to love with these beautiful candle holders in one of my favorite colors (light aqua)? Gorgeous! And gorgeous photography, too.

Aqua Blue Pottery Leaf Boat candle holders, from 5gardenias at Etsy, $28

(p.s., her entire shop is filled with beautiful goodies, as is her jewelry shop!)

1 comment:

kathiroussel said...

brenda you are a sweetheart to post and feature these candlesticks!! and i so appreciate your thoughtful comments and for plugging my jewelry shop as well! i have to admit, i like the candle holders quite a lot myself.. and that ocean aqua blue gets me every time...

have a wonderful week and lots of fun creating more of YOUR beautiful work!