Thursday, July 30, 2009

Experiments in spinning

You might remember that just a bit ago (OK, months ago), I decided to learn to spin.

Shockingly, I never seemed to have time to learn properly.

But a few weekends back, I figured it out! This is my first successful attempt (the very first ones were total flops). Looked great here, in my humble opinion!

Then I washed it (essential part of the process - to set the spin). Oy. Every instruction or tutorial I found online contradicted every other. I think I ended up felting it, or maybe I spun it too tightly to begin with. In any case, I'm pretty unhappy with my initial results.

But not enough to give up! I have more gorgeous wool just waiting for me ... like this from bemiceelf at Etsy! Stay tuned for more!


eNVe said...

wow, you are a trooper, brenda! don't think I would have the patience to spin my own yarn. looking forward to seeing more of your experiments. :)

Fringe said...

Hang in there, baby. I have every confidence that you will master this skill in the same way you have mastered many, many others.

I look foward to future posts on your adventures in spinning.


Summer said...

Oh, keep it up! It looks like you're onto something! :)

Sarah (fray) said...

YAY!!! You finally got to spin! I'm so impressed--your new yarn is gorgeous!

xo Sarah

lyptis said...

Oh, lovely!

Ur first trial looks real pretty! And im sure u will find the right washing instructions if u try things out, read some more about it!:)