Wednesday, July 01, 2009

When the Universe seems to be against you

Wow, what a frustrating day I had today! I apologize in advance for complaining - I try never to do that on the internet - but today was SO remarkable.
  1. Car wouldn't start, tried multiple things. Roadside service couldn't find me (hello, GPS?). I was desperate to get to work - my boss will be on vacation for two weeks!
  2. Once again, after failed jumps, I had to have my alternator replaced. Again! I asked them to look at the electrical system - this shouldn't happen twice in the space of a year.
  3. Walk home (yep, walk, their loaner was ... being loaned). Left my cell phone at home, so I couldn't do anything useful like answer email. Sigh.
  4. Once home, I was pretty hot and miserable (it's a mile or two or 10, not sure ... it's all a blur now). Quick cold shower, turn on the computer and ... no internet. Gah!
  5. Refusing to lose my mind, I reset my cable modem and patiently wait. Yay, internet returns!
  6. Let work know the sitch and that I'd be working at home. Get cracking on the work!
  7. Just an hour and a half into it, email stops working. We'd received the alert that email servers would be down for 30 minutes at 2pm, but it's only 1:30. Sigh. My outbox is filled with a queue of unsent emails.
  8. Well after the time email is supposed to be back up, I'm still down. Apparently, not the only one. Find my happy place and work on things that don't require email.
  9. Yay, I'm getting email! Oh, I can't send email. Argh! Use my gmail account to send off a few urgent emails.
  10. Mechanics call ... car won't be ready until after 4:30 or tomorrow morning. Man.
Amazingly, up until that call, I honestly thought I could still spend some time in the office. But that's when I finally embraced my situation and kicked back and realized that the University wants me to stay at home. I have no idea why. If I'd been on the road, I might have been involved in an accident or caught bird flu walking in to my building or maybe my car would have been broken into.

Instead, I was forced to kick back and do work things that didn't require constant response, which is rare and incredible. I immersed myself in reviewing accounts and correcting financial transactions. Not very exciting, perhaps, but it was just what I needed. And maybe that's what the Universe was trying to tell me.

What about you? Universe been talking to you lately???


Kateri said...

Oh, honey, what a bummer of a day! I hear you - the Universe asked me to stay at home and take good, healing care of myself this summer instead of traveling and working on expensive business expansion projects. But it let me know gradually, instead of hitting me over the head with it 14 times in one day. Argh! I hope you've managed to take some pleasure in the time at home - I'm sure the kitties were thrilled to have you there where they could love on you, at least. xo

kathiroussel said...

- wow! --good to that all over with in one day, well except maybe the spill over with the car...
yikes! i have had days i can remember like that--- wondering when they would ever end..

looks like you managed to regain composure and forge ahead!!! treat yourself to something good this weekend, and take some time to soak in the sunshine!!

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Haha, Kateri, I'm thinking I ignore these kinds of messages from day to day, so it probably took a day with being hit over the head 14 times to listen!

Y'know, Kathi, there's the point where I think, "Do I persevere with what I think I'm supposed to be doing or do I embrace what seems to be what I'm actually supposed to be doing?" Sometimes it takes longer than other times to come to that realization, like yesterday! :D

lauren bacchus said...

the world was certainly testing your patience. you deserve to vent about it! i'm glad you tried to see the best in the situation. no one wants you to catch bird flu. have a great holiday weekend.

paperhill said...

sorry about your day! sounds like you handled it pretty well considering. i think those days you just go with the "everything happens for a reason" mentality. i hope your weekend is better and you have a wonderful 4th! thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments :) xo