Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Work life balance?

As a manager in my professional life, I've always cringed when I hear those dread words, "work life balance." It usually means an employee who isn't that focused on work in the first place, wants to focus even less on work and more on home.

But I've been thinking about these words, and their implication, quite a bit during the course of this last year, as I've been juggling my more than fulltime time, my business, and any semblance of "life." (and don't forget, I even tried to go to grad school last year - what a loony tune I am!) Life is always the thing that gets shorted, as my family and close friends will attest (they've forgotten what I look like!)!

I don't have any answers or insights for myself, but am much more aware of the need for down time away from all forms of work - both day job work and business and knitting work. I think I'll likely start by giving myself one weekday evening "off" to just relearn how to relax and have fun! Read a book for the sheer pleasure of it - decadence!

Does anyone else struggle with this one? Any insights to share with the rest of us?

On another note, Operation Health Clean Up is going well! I've lost weight and am eating darned well, if I say so myself. I feel better - cutting sugar WAY down makes such a difference!


uncorked said...

Balance is the hardest thing, especially now that we have made our hobbies into work, too! People tell me I am so lucky that I work at home and I say - yes, but I am always at work! Sometimes I miss that commute home to a glass of wine and a night off ...

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

That is such a good point! I get the "transition" of changing jobs by commuting home, kicking off shoes, feeding kitties. :) And I work non stop all weekend long on the biz. We're all vulnerable of working too hard and too long of hours!

Kendra Zvonik said...

I saw the title of your post and had to come see what you were thinking about!
I was just being "lectured" by my husband about this very subject! Since I started making paper for Green Post, I can't stop working ever. I was already working on my paintings all the time and since finding Etsy a year ago have been obsessed like everyone else. But, now I'm crafting too and it is taking over my life. My whole house is covered in paper making related stuff. Every kitchen tool has been co-opted for paper making.
So, balance is obviously necessary. But, I question how to do that too. My ambition has got the best of me.
I think this subject could turn into a series of posts.

Good job on cutting down on sugar- that is so hard to do. Especially when you are working all the time. Good luck with taking a weekday evening off! You deserve it :)
Thanks for the post- your timing is bizarre.

Tim and/or Abby said...

I struggle for sure - I've started telling my customers things will be slower and it hasn't seemed to deter them from buying and it really helps the stress level around here. I like to be on top of things too but after about a year I guess I'm starting to not freak out so much that a customer needs something but it's 8 at night. I still work late sometimes but I feel less paniced which helps me feel better overall. And as soon as my husbands job gets more stable I hope I can REALLY separate and balance work and home life....but you can always use more money! :)

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Boy, you are both so spot on! This week has been absolutely so insane for me, culminating in a horrendous headache turned migraine yesterday, sleepless night and then stressing myself out all morning. So here I am JUST getting home from work at 8pm :\ . I know it's not just us folks, it's our times, our culture, our country, our world, but man, what about slowing down and relaxing? I am totally looking into further exploring this! (And Abby, good grief, how do you do this on top of a little one is beyond me!!!)

Tim and/or Abby said...

I'm all about the multi-task! When I wrote my comment I was also bathing the kid and printing envelopes for a wedding order. AHHH! :)