Saturday, August 08, 2009

Costumes on The Tudors

I'm in the midst of watching Season 3 of The Tudors (Showtime). It's often difficult to watch - what wretched things wretched people in power will do - but visually it's so well worth watching.

Sumptuous velvet, gold encrusted with jewels,incredible lace, unbelievable silk. These dresses must be incredibly heavy and not that comfortable to wear, but so beautiful!

I love the gold collar that Jane Seymour wears in this scene.

There is plenty of unrest out on the internet about the costumes on The Tudors (not faithful to the actual period, too prom dress like, etc.), but I'm still enjoying watching.

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June Shin said...

I've never watched the Tudors, since we don't have Showtime, but I love period movies and shows, just for the costumes.