Sunday, September 06, 2009

It certainly feels like Fall around here

Something about the air is different ... the light quality has changed ... there's that crisp in the evening air that's been missing all year ... there's the wisp of a promise of fireplaces (soon soon) ...

My heart is filled with hope and joy, not realizing that both hope and joy were missing in any quantity. Autumn is just around the corner.

Knitting has changed. It's no longer, "Oh, I have all these lovely things to knit for Fall." Now it's HERE and my fingers and knitting needles dance with joy while marveling over wools and silks and cottons and alpacas and yes, oh yes, even the dread acrylic.

Life doesn't get better than Autumn foods. The harvest. Apples galore, crisp, cold, bursts of sweet flavor with every bite. Squashes. Roasted acorn squash halves, filled with melted and slightly caramelized gruyere and parmesan, fragrant with garlic and pepper and just a twist of fresh ground nutmeg. Pumpkin. In anything. Most of all my favorite pumpkin/gruyere soup (sigh). Spaghetti squash roasted with piles of veggies. Caramelized wonderful goodness. And the feast of all feasts: Thanksgiving. My very favorite meal of all time. Sigh.

My backyard buddies - squirrels and birds of all variety - are voracious. They know. Time to fatten up, quickly, quick! Which entertains my two fuzzy ones from dawn to nearly dusk, mesmerized, enraptured, stopping only for pets, kisses, another meal, and a quick trip to the ladies'.

Oh Fall, why do I have to wait so long for your return? I suppose suffering through Summer makes your presence all the sweeter. I suppose that if it were Fall all year round, I might grow tired of you (hard to believe). I would certainly miss Spring - perhaps we can compromise?

I have much to do today, for Fall and for me. Most of all, I look forward to embracing and immersing myself in Autumn's colors, fragrances and wonders. I hope you will too.


mchen said...

I was walking up my front steps yesterday and noticed a fallen orange leaf on the porch... and I emitted a somewhat whiny "oh nooooo!!!" I love Summer more than you do, I think.

But you're right about the delicious Fall menu — it makes me think I'd be a very happy visitor at your house at this time of year ;) I'm drooling at all your caramelized everythings... mmm. Enjoy the briskness and the fall smells and the pumpkin-y goodness all around!

Summer said...

Yes! Fall! I love it so! The food! The weather!

I just hope we can get this place whipped into shape enough to not freeze this makes fall not as sweet as usual...but next year, next year!

paperhill said...

fall is my favorite season by far. the air is cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn, can't wait to get out my boots & favorite sweater!