Monday, September 14, 2009

Shameful new addiction

Greek yogurt! Oh boy! But not just any old Greek yogurt. Here are the only ones that will do:
  1. The Greek Gods honey (you wouldn't believe how delish this is)
  2. Trader Joe's Apricot/Mango (SO yum)
  3. The Greek Gods fig
  4. The Greek Gods pomegranate
I'm enjoying TJ's apricot/mango as I type. It's by no means low fat (16 grams ...), BUT with 11 grams protein and 25% calcium, this is a low carb girls' dream.

Anyone else loving Greek yogurt? Favorite brands/flavors?


Angelina Fong Designs said...

I love greek yogurt too!! I am a fan of the Trader Joe's brand as well! I also love love love the Fage brand!

wzgirl said...

I like that one you can get at trader joes that has the honey seperate - so you can mix it in yourself!


Maizie Designs said...

Green Yogurt might be the best thing around. When I can't get over to trader joe's I grab some chiobani in honey. It is low fat too!

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

I haven't tried Fage yet, Angelina - I'll have to check it out!

YUM, WZ - mix in your own honey???

OK, Rebecca, ANOTHER brand to try ... I am loving the honey!!!


Summer said...

Oh my goodness, I've been forgetting to post about that very thing...I LOVE Greek God's yogurt! YUM

Elise said...

Hi treats, love this post. Your whole blog is just fab. Ta !

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

OK, so I tried Trader Joe's honey greek yogurt today. Delish! But still prefer Greek Gods' honey yogurt. The best part is ... this is so yummy, it gets me past my afternoon chocolate cravings! :)