Friday, October 09, 2009

First week of Operation Health

So my focus this first week was to start learning how to relax and to ease into better, healthier habits: daily walking, better diet, this little thing called sleeping, cleaning and organizing and rebalancing. And quality time with my two fuzzy girls. Who, by the way, have been in h-e-a-v-e-n this week.

Let's see how I've done so far:
  1. DONE - Daily walk (I even tackled one of the big steep hills today!)
  2. DONE - Better eating (just enjoyed a half a roasted acorn squash, YUM)
  3. DONE - Sleeeeeeep (getting a full eight hours a night)
  4. DONE - Both girls are more content, less insecure, and they're fighting less (go figure)
  5. DONE - Working in the back yard (I have several HUGE piles of leaves to compost)
  6. DONE - Spending time with Unravelling and getting to know me
  7. DONE - Working on new things for Phydeaux (fingerless gloves and mittens!)
That's a pretty good week, I have to say. :) Next week will be a lot of health-related appointments. AND ... I'm going to do something drastic with my hair. Don't know what yet. But I'm tired for long and blonde and boring.

Happy weekends to all!


Maizie. said...

Good for you! Sounds like a fantastically product week on all accounts. You'll have to show us your new hair when you decide on the style!!

Katarina said...

Oh, well done. Very inspirational, especially the healthy eating part. Looking forward to your new creations! :)