Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My kind of Halloween

I loved scary movies when I was a kid. I loved scary and movies as a young adult. I've never enjoyed zombie movies (ugh!) and can't take slasher movies (sorry, Shana!). After working in a major trauma center, though, I can't take a whole lot of scary movies - I know what the end result of all that mayhem actually looks and feels like. :(

My kind of Halloween is full of nostalgia and classics, curled up with a coupla kitties in the comfort of my own home. (I worked in an ER/trauma center, remember? I avoid going out on Halloween at all costs!) Here's what I'm hoping to watch this year:

Mad Monster Party? (1967) a totally fun and not meant to be serious at all stop motion favorite

Frankenstein (1931) 78 (!!) years later, it's still the best!

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) 74 years later ... as a kid, I used to study how Elsa Lanchester's hair, makeup and costume was done (thank you, local libraries!)

Dracula (1931) with eleventy billion vampire movies to choose from, this still stands the test of time

(1979) Frank Langella redefined the Count for all time :)

(1932) Truly one of the creepiest movies. Ever.

And oh, how I wish I could see London After Midnight (1927) - the last surviving copy was destroyed in a fire years ago.

I live a pretty wild life, I know! I hope your Halloweens are full of fun and as much as scariness as you want or can handle.


Summer said...

I've never seen Mad Monster Party, but I really want to get that on DVD. I'm a big fan of the Rudolf movie of the same period.

Phydeaux Designs said...

It's really campy but SO fun. I love everything that Rankin and Bass have done (even if I'm not crazy about the show, I adore their animation!). It was rereleased on DVD last month with bonus features! I may need to order my own! :)

kathiroussel said...

frankenstein with boris karloff is one of my all time favorite horror films!!! mary shelly's story is such a classic tale--and the movie, is visually stunning in black and white and boris' frank is so perfectly campy but exceptionally sweet and savage and tragic-- and i've always wanted hair like elsa lancaster's in the bride of frankenstein-- love the laboratory and the lightening bolts and all the machines-- great stuff. i'm with you-- i may just have to go rent too-- good thing we don't live in the same town.... :)