Monday, October 05, 2009

Week one

So here I am facing my first week of leave. And I'm not scared at all! I have a bunch of health-related appointments to make. I'm going to try out accupuncture! And get a nice deep tissue massage.

I'm going to be cleaning and organizing my home. Downsizing. Simplifying. MORE shoes and lotsa clothes, etc. on eBay. My beautiful TV is going to my folks (they know and Mom is excited!), which will give me back my table that it's sitting on! Craigslist will be used too - I have some furniture to part with.

I'm deciding this week whether or not to apply for the Renegade Holiday Fair in San Francisco (early December). I would love to do it - such great exposure and what a perfect venue for scarves! But I want to be realistic about what I'm able to do. And it's a LOT of work. Deadline to apply is Friday.

I added lots of new scarves yesterday to my Etsy shop, most of which have been waiting to be photographed for some time. And this week, I have buttons to add to new cowls, and then they'll be added, too.

I'm starting week two of Unravelling, the workshop I mentioned previously. If you've been thinking about it for yourself, I have two words for you: do it!

Most of all, I have two kitties to spend quality time with, with a room full of yarn to knit. :)

What are you all doing this week?

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