Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back in the days of AM radio

Way back when, back in the dark ages or stone age, I was a skinny and ridiculously tall junior high tween (we didn't know about "tweens" back then - this was before the internet or even microwave ovens!). Worse yet, I wore glasses. I'm sure you get the picture.

Like most kids in that awkward phase between childhood and teenage-hood, I couldn't live without my radio, my LP's or my 45 singles (this was before CD's!). I lived in this tiny little town up in the mountains and was mesmerized by the magically exotic commercials from Los Angeles (we could get a few stations, mostly from L.A.) for movies, concerts, new albums, etc.

Frampton Comes Alive! was all over the airwaves (and for good reason - it was and is an incredible album!). I immediately melt into reminiscing about the music of 1976-1977 whenever I hear a Frampton song.

Elton John! Island Girl was huge in '75 (now we're talking pre-tween). But Don't Go Breaking My Heart ... that was a song I listened to over and over. What a fun duet with Kiki Dee (check out her stylin' overalls in the video above!).

And Aerosmith! Once upon a time, before MTV, Aerosmith was h-u-g-e. Toys in the Attic was released in '75, and was still going strong in my little town in 76. Sweet Emotion is probably my favorite from that era. I'm immediately transported back to my tween-age bedroom, with my radio pressed up to my ear as I strain to hear those far away AM stations.

This little bout of reminiscing came from listening to my itunes collection, which I've not done for some time (sad...). I'm listening to Aerosmith as I type, with a smile. :) I'll share more classics from my tweenhood with you, but hope you enjoy these.

I also hope you'll share with us some of your very favorite tweenage music in the comments!

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