Sunday, November 15, 2009

Knitting: Brooklyn Tweed

I know I haven't posted very much about knitting, despite being a knitter! So I'm remedying that, starting right now.

One of the things that is fun for me as a knitter is seeing what other knitters do, particularly designers with a passion for fiber. A couple or few years ago, I ran across Jared Flood's blog, "Brooklyn Tweed," which helped reignite my own passion for fiber, just about the time I was considering creative ventures to rebalance myself, feed my soul, and maintain my sanity. :)

I'm sure you other knitters are familiar with Jared's work and/or blog. He's become quite the celebrity in the knitting world this year, with a book of designs from Classic Elite, speaking engagements galore, and interviews and articles in every knitting publication.

And for good reason! His designs are stunning in their complexity and simplicity. Complexity and simplicity? This is a guy who makes such good use of good old fashioned garter stitch (knit stitch every single row - no purls, yarn overs, etc.), but with sumptuous fibers and/or exquisite edging (look at that lovely baby blanket above!).

His flickr photostream is a delight to peruse - his photography is so beautiful!

I have many favorites designed by Jared, but maybe my top favorite is his Willoughby Stole (also the first photo on this post) - I have the pattern on my computer, just waiting for a quiet moment for me to knit ... for myself! Decadent heaven!

If you haven't checked out Jared 's blog or designs before, I hope you'll enjoy them now. He's also on Ravelry, user brooklyntweed and designer Jared Flood.


By the way, if you knit, crochet, felt or spin, and haven't joined Ravelry ... join! So many great resources! I've found discontinued yarns from fellow knitters (yay!), wonderful free patterns, great fiber ideas, invaluable advice/help with tricky stitches or techniques. And be sure to friend me! Here's my user name and my designer account.

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