Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walking: who knew?

So, I've been walking nearly every day for the last few weeks with a good friend. We're up to about two miles, which for two seriously out of shape ladies is pretty darn good. There was the week break when I thought my toe was still or rebroken, but the orthopedic surgeon laughed me out of his office (but showed me the healed break in my toe x-ray).

I'm pleasantly surprised to learn the following:
  • Exercise is addictive! Regardless of how crummy I feel, I am so ready for my daily walk!
  • Walking with a friend makes it not feel like exercise at all. We have had such a great time catching up.
  • I'm now able to wear walking shorts and leggings that didn't fit a month ago!
  • Walking isn't just great for your legs (and my legs are looking better every day) - my arms are also getting a nice workout.
  • I'm having less knee pain now (the first week was hard on my knees, but they feel SO much better).
  • My blood pressure has dropped a bit (yay!).
  • And my blood sugar levels are lower, but I'm also avoiding sugar, so it's hard to tell which has the larger impact.
I love that walking is inexpensive, too. I never follow through on gym memberships, but if I miss a day or a week of walking, I'm not beating myself up over the money I wasted.

It's SO cold this week in the Bay Area, but I'm bundling up and walking anyway. And, best of all, fingerless mittens are so great for walking! Gloves are too hot once we get going, but fingerless mittens are just right.

I'm weighing in tomorrow - let's hope I'm down two more lbs - I was at 13 lbs last Friday!

How do you all keep in shape during the Winter? Walking? The gym? Other?


knottynaomi said...

awesome! am glad you're getting out there and walking with a friend. so nice to have a walking buddy. since working out again, feel like i have more energy...feels good. it's been awhile.

keep it up!

heather jane said...

Good for you. I can feel my body just getting more and more sluggish. It's time to get going on some active plan again. When it's warm we walk and ride our bikes all the time. Now it's more of a challenge to get out (not for Phil..he's always active). I know that a daily walk would do me so much good. Thanks for the motivation! (though maybe I need a pair of fingerless mitts before I leave?!)

Cottage In The Sun said...

Oh, that's awesome - so glad you're feeling better and great to have a friend to go with - it's seldom too cold to be out here, but I don't always seem to find the time. :)

Phydeaux Designs said...

It was soooo cold tonight! I put on some layers, wore my mitts (thank goodness!!!), and I was OK by the last loop! AND ... my walking leggings/tights/whatever that I got last year before I broke my toe, and they didn't fit ... now fit! :D