Thursday, December 10, 2009

Project Renegade: the prep continues

One week from today, I'll be either hyperventilating because I'm SO not ready for Renegade ... or I'll be hyperventilating AND ready for Renegade. Even if I'm the latter (which I doubt), I'll still think I'm the former!

I made the incredibly difficult decision last night to put new knit on order items on hold until after Renegade. I really hate doing that, but I did the math. The decision was simple. There was no possible way to finish my current orders and build more stock for Renegade and get a booth set up together and do some dry runs and do all the other things that go along with a craft show, if I had ONE more knit on order item that needed to get out by next week. (And I thought my head my explode with one more, too.)

I finished new fiber/care tag labels today, which I now get to print a gazillion of, loop together with my hangtags (which I need to print a gazillion of too), and then attach to goodies, along with price stickers. I think I can knock out the whole thing in a couple to few hours. I'll share photos of a final goody!

I did that while knitting an order and packaging a pile of orders.  I am The Queen of Multitasking.

I'm starting the next pile of orders, and am doing some booth shopping/prep tomorrow, I hope!  Goodwill, here I come!  :)

I would love your help with a crucial question!  I need to make a bag decision tomorrow.  Plastic bags, like those ones at the supermarket, are actually not legal in San Francisco.  Which isn't a bad thing at all!  I have some paper handle bags already, which I'll put Phydeaux logos on.  But do people really expect bags at craft shows?  I rarely ask for them - I usually put my purchases in my tote bag or backpack or whatever I'm carrying.  What's your experience???

OK, back to knitting for me!  Thanks for your help!  :)


Leaves of Glass said...

that's a tough decision, but definitely the right one. i'm so proud that you're doing renegade; i'm sure it will be amazing! and even though it's exhausting, you'll meet so many great people - it'll all be worth it. and then it'll all be over, which is heavenly.

for bags, i'm not sure what to tell you - i'd definitely have some, but you probably don't need piles of them. good luck! i can't wait to hear all about it.

knottynaomi said...

oooh, yes. tough decision but i agree...need to go to the show well stocked. sounds so exciting!

bags...i usually bring my own tote bag when i go to these things, so do bring some...but hopefully most people won't need them.

Phydeaux Designs said...

Kateri, I like the "then it'll be over" part! Thank you for your wonderful support and I can honestly say it's because of YOU that I did this - you convinced me to apply this summer! :D

Nomes, I'm thinking the same - a lot of people will bring their own, but just in case ... if I had tons more time, I'd whip up some official Phydeaux tote bags! Hmmm....

Thank you both! xoxo

Art Garden Diva said...

I sell jewelry, so I box things up in little craft boxes with ribbon. If I were offering knitted items, I might use a cello bag with ribon, suitable for gift giving. The wrappings could be recycled. It is more complicated now. Wish I could attend your show -SF is my 'hometown.' Good Luck!

Phydeaux Designs said...

Thank you, Vickie!