Sunday, December 06, 2009

Project Renegade: T minus 13 days

Oh dear Lord, Renegade is in LESS than two weeks.


Silent scream.

Wonders why oh why did I think I could do this.

OK, panic over. Project Renegade is in FULL swing.
  1. I have an Excel spreadsheet (oh, those handy financial management skills) with my planned inventory, as well as what I think is more likely to be accomplished. 
  2. In between knitting orders, I'm adding one thing to the list: a quick wrist cuff, sewing a pinback onto a crocheted brooch, picking out buttons for neckwarmer and adding it to the "sew" pile.
  3. I'm nearly done inventorying all of my stock (I have one more section to complete).
  4. I need to inventory my bags, labels and other packaging, and put an order in for whatever is missing.
  5. I'll starting printing up bag and package labels/stickers tomorrow.
  6. Need to finish reformatting all of my patterns, then start printing, then start inserting into sleeves.  (Yep, will have patterns there!)
  7. Along with that, I'm going to test a few new things:  stitch markers, pincuschions and sachets.  (hee hee)
  8. And, my SUPER SECRET new goodies, which I may be able to share with you later this week!  I'm so excited!
Oh, and there's that little thing called MY SET UP.  Gah.  OK, off to stock the larder (largely the kitty larder), then back to work for me after an insanely and sinfully long sleep in that was sorely overdue.

I hope you all have a happy week!  I wish I had photos today, but maybe later today.


madichan said...

You are gonna ROCK THIS, Brenda!

(And I love that you deal with overwhelming stress by busting out an Excel spreadsheet).

Phydeaux Designs said...

Hahaa, resorting to problem solving and organizing data mode keeps me from losing my mind. Good thing I love Excel!

(And I already miss you!)