Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Renegade: Part I

I've staffed a lot of job fairs.  The most insanely busy of which left me voiceless for several days.  I used to work booths at the California State Fair, which I never particularly enjoyed, but didn't scare me either.  I worked retail for years, so holiday crowds were to be dreaded, but certainly weren't frightening.  I wasn't scared about Renegade at any point given those comparative experiences.  But I was worried or nervous on a semiregular basis about having enough of the right stuff or that I could handle my booth alone or that I'd sleep through my alarms.  :)  I wasn't scared about talking with people, but was a little worried about losing my energy (I'm pretty introverted - crowds drain me and a few minutes alone recharges me).

So the reality, in a nutshell, is this:
  • I totally miscalculated what to stock up on.
  • The real time feedback, even just watching and analyzing what people gravitated to and what they passed over, was absolutely invaluable.
  • My credit card imprinter refused to work after the first credit card - so I just went old skool and wrote out credit card slips.
  • Candy definitely brings traffic into your booth ... and a lot of that traffic immediately leaves after getting their free tootsie pop.
  • If you have three hours pre-show to set up - use them!  I was there before 8 on day one and minutes after 8 on day two.  I was never freaked out about set up or felt short of time.
  • I had ordered a banner for my booth - but it didn't arrive.  Sigh.
  • I forgot most of my props at home.  On BOTH days. Sigh.
  • Your most comfortable shoes may not be enough for 12 hours on your feet, on concrete.  Mine weren't!
My set up wasn't the one I dreamed about, but it was functional (most important!).  And I learned a lot in two days about how I would do things differently the next time around.  In fact, I completely changed my day one set up (which you can see above) on day two, which I'll share later this week!

More tomorrow!!!


wzgirl said...

I thought your booth looked different on day 2! Seemed that the neighbor booth was quieter on day 2, too! Lol! Phyd, you did so awesome! I only wish we could have been closer in time?

What a crazy, exhilerating, amazing, surprising weekend.


Phydeaux Designs said...

I hear you! Are you recovered yet? :P They were quieter, but more disruptive: friends walking through my booth to go stand in the back of my booth to visit (???), arrived 10 or 15 minutes before 11 and completely reset up their booth (argh). I finally found my happy place with them in the end. I'll just make sure I'm not next to them for future shows!

What was your favorite moment from the weekend?