Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Count Down to Stitches West

Test shot:  lace!

Eeeps!  ONE MONTH from now, I'll be exhausted after the first three days Stitches West!

I am SO not ready.

(Have I heard myself saying that before?)

Well, this time around it is very true!

I need more knitting patterns and also need to start printing patterns.  I need to crank out stitch markers plus a couple of other super secret projects I've been working on.  I need to work on packaging and giveaways and promos and ... and ...

I need to go back to my spreadsheets and update my plan!  Whew.  Crisis averted.

I do actually have a number of new lace designs (see above) that just need finishing and reknitting and pattern drafting.  I'm hoping to fit in fingerless mittens, new neckwarmers and even a baby blanket!

First, though, I have very special guests on Saturday:  my bestie of best friends, along with my beloved god children, Allie and Chiso (okay, I haven't met Chiso puppy yet, but I love her already!)!  Photos will follow!


Summer said...

Ooh, colors (psst...I know you are fond of warm colors)...very pretty! You are incredible...another show? Wow!

I like how the pattern looks like honeycomb (ooh, a honey color would be pretty!).

Brenda said...

I know ... this was an opportunity I absolutely could not pass up (and am so grateful that Lisa invited me to share her booth!)!

Oh yay! Thank you! It's actually supposed to be a zig zag, but turned out sort of mesh-ish or honeycomb-ish, and I like it all the more. And thank you for noticing my attempt to offer the cooler side of the color palette! :D

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Super pretty!

Good Luck! I bet you'd be so much fun to share a booth with!

knottynaomi said...

hope you had a fun saturday with your friend and god children. :-)

whooo...lots to do before stitches eh? looking forward to seeing your new lace creations!