Friday, January 29, 2010

Hearts: spoon

OK, now I want to have a Valentine, just so I can give him this beautiful vintage spoon, lovingly hammered flat and engraved with the oh so important Valentine's greeting.  And look at that worn muslin bow!

Valentine's Day Love Spoon with Muslin Bow, by Monkeys Always Look, $8


allison cecil said...

oh thanks for the lovely post!

hometown girl said...

how sweet is that? hope all is well!

knottynaomi said...

love your valentines finds in these last few posts.
heh...we just trade candy bars.

Fringe said...

another great find. i love it. i love the entire shop, actually.


Brenda said...

Allison's shop is pure magic! Thanks for stopping by everyone - hope you're all doing well! xo