Saturday, January 09, 2010

This week

This last week felt over before it even started.  I was so busy every day, all day and night long, but now can't tell you what I was so busy doing.  Maybe I'll figure it out here:
  • I have a couple of new knitting patterns in both my Etsy and Ravelry shops (and will also be available at Magpie Patterns next week!).
  • I'm in various stages of drafting additional patterns - Stitches West is in less than two months!
  • I'm in various stages of creating new lace designs - which always involves experimenting, frogging, restarting, and pouring through stitch dictionaries and antique lace knit stitches online until the wee hours.
  • Oh yeah ... I've been massively cleaning!  That's what I did the first half of the week!  I'll be doing more next week, too!
  • I have new scarves, pair of mitts and lace neckwarmer in my Etsy shop - and more to come - I'm continuing to struggle with lighting issues, but just couldn't wait any longer.
  • I have two new cowl designs, one of which will be exclusive to my sadly neglected 1000 Markets shop as well as some shops (online and brick and mortar).
  • I joined the Fulltime Etsy Crafter's Street Team (thanks to Celeste and Allison!), or rather, the team approved my application :) - lots of great info and support!
  • Oh, and I've been playing Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks ... making up for last time, since I couldn't open it until after the holiday rush!
OK, I guess it's legit - I've been busy.  :)

You all feeling pretty busy post-holidays, or are you feeling more relaxed and well rested?


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Well, you've had a little on your plate! :^) I don't ever really feel relaxed anymore. If I'm not working on the shop, I'm thinking about working on the shop.

eNVe said...

WOW.. i'm exhausted just reading your list, Brenda! How do you do it??