Monday, January 18, 2010

Toe adventures continue

I've been a little quiet this last week, not only because I've been busy with Phydeaux, but also because of that danged toe that I broke more than a year ago, then rebroke a couple of times.  Remember?  That toe.

Well, it's never stopped causing me grief.  It was x-rayed again this Fall with a preliminary reading that it was still or rebroken, but the orthopedic surgeon I was sent to thought I was nuts and showed me how it was healed.  OK, "whatever."

Walking every day was killing me, up to the point of a sleepless night with some serious pain, discoloration and swelling.  So, I'm no longer walking every day.  :(

This last week was a true challenge, waking up each day with what looked like a very inflamed toe, but it's kinda hard to tell, and I'm sick of having it looked at by the doctor.  That inflamed toe got worse and worse, though, and yesterday I was really shocked by how red and inflamed my poor toe is (and swollen, ugly and ow!).  A soak didn't help; in fact, it was worse!

So, I'm pretty sure I've developed cellulitis, which is not a good thing for someone with autoimmune disease plus diabetes.  And I'll have to get my toe looked at again (and will likely be told I'm nuts), which is never fun.  :(

Hence ... I've been a little quiet.  I do have TONS (okay, maybe 10) of new goodies for the shop.  AND ... tomorrow is my two year "Etsy-versary" (opened shop 1/20/08)!  I'm planning a big giveaway and some other surprises!  Now if my toe would just cooperate ...


kathiroussel said...

ouch-- time to get yourself ( even if you have to limp) to the doc-- seems like an infection may have set in.. hope you get that toe back to the business of walking soon!!

cheers brenda

knottynaomi said...

hope you were able to see a doc and get this treated. i object to them calling you nuts. :-(