Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caffeine-free living

I'm sitting here with one kitty curled into my lap and snoring, the other standing on alert by my shoulder but sometimes dozing sitting up, reading blogs and knitting (knitting, knitting, always knitting).  I'm creating a revised list of what I can accomplish for Stitches West in my head, and revising today's plan based on that.  And also thinking I should actually go to the store today and get a little bit of food, since I've been out of diet pepsi for several days.

Whoa.  What?  Rewind for one minute there!  I've been living a life without caffeine for a few days!  I am finishing off some caffeine-free diet pepsi, which may have hoodwinked my brain sufficiently to allow cutting off the caffeine with major withdrawals!  Most important of all, no withdrawal headaches.


Well and very good, but how realistic is this?  I just don't see the actual Stitches West without caffeine - those will be some seriously long days.

That said, I've been falling asleep earlier than usual for the past two nights, and wondering why.  Hmmm.  And sleeping like a b-a-b-y.  Hmmm.

I'm going to try to stretch this as long as possible.  I'd love to continue living the caffeine free life.

Maybe TV will be next .....

Image credit:  caffeine molecule phone charm by molecular muse at etsy, $26

Postscript at 3:40 pm ... the caffeine withdrawal headache has hit!  with a vengeance!!!


Fringe said...

More power to ya, friend! I wish you luck with your caffeine-free endeavor :)

It reminds me of a class I took in college about stress management and well-being. The professor was wonderful. He was very much in favor of living life according to our body's natural clock, a.k.a. no caffeine. He asked us to cut out caffeine for the quarter we took his class. It was the only time I ever cheated in a class. There was no way I could talk myself into caffeine-free :)


Brenda said...

Haha, asking college students to cut out caffeine??? Inconceivable!

But also so true - caffeine is both a wondrous and very evil drug, isn't it?

allison cecil said...

ummm, I would consider life without Caffeine as a life not worth living. I have no idea how you are doing this. I'm totally impressed.

Brenda said...

I caved in to this monster spike driving through my brain and had ONE can of the full leaded diet pepsi. Didn't help. :( Just have to ride through these dt's now ....