Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A midnight message

Fiona mesmerized by squirrels, despite sleeping in my clean laundry ...
I write to you from a little break I'm sneaking in the midst of an all nighter.

Yep, just like college - an all nighter as the day of the final exam approaches.

Why an all nighter?  Well, I've been working on patterns since 9 am yesterday morning and was horrified and mortified to find all sorts of crazy formatting issues (we won't even talk about errors in instruction ...).  So I've been working with each and every pattern, most recent first, creating standardization.  At least I will only be gently snickered out of Stitches West, versus full on belly laughed out.

Oh, and I have one pattern not even really started out, and two only halfway started.  If I don't get them finished, I'll want to choke myself, since I designed those accessories explicitly for this occasion.

My cats are much smarter than I.  Both sound asleep, one sort of wrapped around my leg, the other sort of melded into my leg.  Le Sigh.  :)

OK, back to work for me.  I get to work with power tools in just a few hours, which should prove interesting!!!  I may need to pet a kitty for a few more minutes though ...

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UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Oh frantic crunch time. May every moment be fully and well-utilized, and may all fall together for you.