Thursday, March 11, 2010

Etsy Project Embrace: bunnies

Etsy Project Embrace (EPE) is an incredible group of caring and talented artists and crafters, all with the common goal of "creating awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer" (from the team blog).  Now that I'm finally through with all of my mad deadlines, I'll be featuring EPE artists on a regular basis on this blog!

I love bunnies, don't you?  Sweet little faces, such soft fur, and I'm sure kitties and bunnies are soul sisters and brothers.

Here are a few bunnies that I love from EPE team mates, in lovely colors perfect for Spring!

Yellow March Hare Here, from Kathi - 5gardenias, $34

Sterling Silver Rabbit Aqua Glass Teardrop Necklace, by Celia - Glitz Glitter, $24

TOLLIPOP Magic of Childhood Recycled Magnetic Locket Set, by Cat - polarity, $20


wzgirl said...

I'm pretty sure that my Peyton cat is part bunny...

Brenda said...

Awww! Hee hee! I sure love your sweet little bunnies, Wendy! I smile every time I see my little buttercupbloom bunny's face. :)

GlitzGlitter said...

What sweet bunnies! Thank you for including mine!