Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking a wee break

I've had so many pots in so many fires for the last few months, and so many things in progress, not yet finished, too early to show much of anything.

Throw in a huge computer crash, a few health crashes, and what you get is the need to regroup, recharge, and look around for new inspiration and ideas.

This isn't unique to me - we've all felt this one at one time or another.

But a lightbulb turned on for me today, as I madly worked on 10 different things at once, feeling pressured by deadlines, not feeling the least bit creative or productive.  My lightbulb was this:  "I can choose to do what I want/love/have been dying to do, and let go of the rest."

Now, in part, this is thanks to Danielle LaPorte's fantastic upcoming ebook/program, Firestarter Sessions.  Without sounding like a big commercial, I preordered this last week and devoured the preview chapter I received.  We (I) get so busy doing stuff that isn't that meaningful to us (me), that we (I) really don't enjoy doing, and then never have time (or energy or passion or love) to do the things that really matter to us (me).  I've been eating it up - exactly what I needed to heat at just the moment that I needed to hear it.

I have life decisions to make (oh, things like, where to live).  Product lines to develop.  Business direction to decide on.  Things to learn.  Fun to have.  Life to live. 

I'm  not closing up shop, don't worry, but I will be much less active here and elsewhere while I explore all of these things and start the process of simplifying my life.  You can always shoot me an email if you're not seeing me at any of the usual places! I'd love to hear from you.  :)  And I'll post tidbits, updates and ah ha moments.  I suspect I'll be more and more inspired and energized as I let go of more and more!



wzgirl said...

Balance - as elusive and desired as it is, can be so hard to hold. Its a brass ring that I keep reaching for. Hope your time is rejuvenating and provides the energy that you desire, Brend. xo

heather jane said...

Be well, friend. It's a journey worth taking. I can vouch for that!

Sharon said...

Will miss your posts but surely understand. Had to take a few weeks off blogging recently myself.

You undertake a lot. Makes my head spin sometimes, and I worry about you. There is a time to knit and a time to tink. Tinker a bit, unravel, and relax!

Brenda said...

Thank you, my very dear friends! :) Balance, oy. Wasn't the internet and computers supposed to make our lives easier? :P

I hope you all have wonderful, wonderful weekends!


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

I could have posted this very post for you!!!

Sometimes I think working for yourself is so much harder than working for someone else. You have to wear all the hats in a company... designer, artist, photographer, accounting, advertising, public relations, packaging, shipping. If you are at all conscientious, like I know you are! then it becomes so much harder as each step needs to be done to the best of your ability. Heck! Just the creative portion of developing ideas can eat up days and weeks!

Oh, and that's not counting all the non-business work in your life, like cleaning and cooking and shopping and weeding etc....

Also not counting time for yourself and family and friends!!! Aieee! How do we do it?!?

Rest and recharge! (((HUGS!)))

Brenda said...

Yes, yes and yes, Lynn! I tooootally agree with you, on all counts. :) Can't wait to finish two deadlines today, after which I can finally start operation rest, recharge, restore (ORRR). xoxo