Monday, May 24, 2010

Endings + beginnings

LOST was pretty incredible last night. My eyes are still puffy! I get weepy thinking too long about any aspect of the ending. It's so hard to believe that it's over (and those of you who've loved the show know what I mean). Love or hate the end (and I have yet to watch the alternate endings from Jimmy Kimmel), it was definitely monumental.

Which segues right into two additional endings. First up is that this week marks my last post for the Craft Venture column on papernstitch. This was a very hard decision for me to make, but I truly need every hour I can get my hands onto for my business, particularly as Renegade San Francisco approaches! My last column is about a topic that is near and dear to many of us: originality, inspiration, influence and copying. I hope you'll join in on the comments!

And another ending, more personal this time. After my THIRD computer meltdown this year ... I went mac.

Yes indeedy, I am typing this from my nifty new macbook pro!

Macs aren't without their own problems, but come on, three major meltdowns? And this one's a doozy - it's going to require yet another reformat and OS install and I don't know if that will even do it. Gah! Luckily, my files are completely backed up.

A mac is a huge monetary investment, and I'm counting on the time that I will save from not having to constantly fix Windows OS issues, virus issues, firefox issues (oh there were issues!), etc. more than making the investment worthwhile. (Please???). Plus, I just don't have time to rebuild a PC laptop from the ground up right now. I have things in the works that are time sensitive!

So yay to new beginnings! (I'm sure I'll be treating myself to an ipad before the year is over ....)


madichan said...

WHAT?!? You actually did it? Oooh-whee! Let me know how you like it; happy to help with troubleshooting if you need it!

Brenda said...

I did it! I love it so far ... and I may be calling on you (hopefully not)!!! :D

Catherine Ivins said...

Good luck with your MAC- I have been thinking about it- I bought kind of a stopgap computer last year when mine crashed and have to make a decision soon ... loved your copying post- it's a minefield- very brave of you to wade into it- I thought your post was excellent and I will miss Lost, too!

Brenda said...

Thank you, Cat! I loooove my mac so far. It is so incredible to not have to wait two minutes for each page to load (firefox). To not have to reboot once an hour (Windows). To not shriek as a file is lost thanks to the 2nd or 3rd blue screen of death of the day. To not wrangle antivirus/spam filters and warnings all day long. It's also kind of weird. Does this mean I'll actually be able to do ... work??? :P

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