Monday, June 28, 2010

Speed of light

Life seems to be moving at the speed of light lately.

Is it really the 4th of July this weekend???

Today I have waged war against the sun that turns my home into a blistering sauna.  Foil has been applied to the sliding glass door.  Cool aqua twin sheets (I knew I had a use for these!) are gently blowing in the far too warm breeze over said foil.  My kitties are a squinch happier.  It's only 82 degrees in my living room right now - I guessed it would 85 by 2:00 pm today (it's always a few degrees hotter in the living room than outside!).  So low tech solutions from growing up in the desert came in handy once again.

Yesterday, I started a new batch of buttons (the one above isn't new, but I love the color).  Probably around 50 (maybe more?).  I've been sanding and buffing today.  Imagine my joy when I found a pin hole (literally!) in the bowl of water I was using for wet sanding ... when said water leaked all over my work surface, destroying a stack of the paper I use for photo backgrounds.  Good thing I have several sheets in each color!

(New buttons later this week, including a gorgeous deep deep red!)

Between late last night and a few minutes ago, I filled my papernstitch exhibition with goodies from my new website!  Hope you'll stop by - you don't want to miss the 10% discount code!

I'm so thankful for microwaves.  If I didn't have one, I'd be living on ice cubes and bits of cheese.  It's just too hot to think about cooking (not looking forward to the real heat!).

And I'm so thankful for new glasses (you can see the frames above)! Come to find out, the pair I was wearing was a five year old prescription.  Hmmm, no wonder I couldn't see.  I'm still getting used to being able to see - it's an odd sensation and I can now see how much house cleaning I need to do.  :)

I think I'll be knitting for the rest of my life on my latest project - a triangle scarf/kerchief/shawlette/whatever name makes the most sense to you - but I have a goal to finish this by midweek so that I can post the pattern before the end of this week.  Gorgeously soft merino wool/cashmere yarn in soft, subtle colors ... knit on size three needles (for those who don't knit, that's DANGED small!).

Note to self:  use larger needles for the next shawl.

I had a fabulous time last Friday having lunch with the fabulously talented Adrienne of Wool Candy yarn fame.  We're working on some collaborations!  More to come on that!

My tomatoes are about to gift me with tomato #3.  The problem with tomatoes right now is that I gobble up immediately enjoy my bounty fresh off the vine.  And then have to wait for more.  I'm sure I'll come to regret this statement when I wake up one morning awash in tomatoes (heaven!).

My zucchini/whatever squash (I'm leaning toward zucchini) is blossoming and growing like mad.  I need to get larger tubs for transplanting - I'll do that tomorrow and will share photos!

This day is quickly getting away from me, but so is this week, this month and maybe even this life.  With that, I need to do some kitty kisses.  xo


wzgirl said...

Lots going on in Brenda-Land! Time to bust out the "Super Salads" again! I'm so into the roughage lately! Stay cool...don't drool.

Fringe said...

I know! I wish time would slow down. The old cliche is true, isn't it?

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July, dear friend!


Brenda said...

I'll try not to drool, WZ! :P I agree on the salads - restocked my fridge this morning!

We wanted time to move so fast when we were young, Dennice! Oy. I hope you have a wonderful 4th as well!