Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sneak peeks

I've been working away on a new collaboration with the lovely and talented (and super sweet) Adrienne from Wool Candy!

Inspired by one of my favorite Rackham prints, Adrienne created this gorgeous limited edition colorway full of Autumn leaves and magic.

Which I'm knitting into a shawl!  Of course, you can't see much from this little sneaky peek, but this will be a lace shawl once finished and blocked.

Love this colorway!  Sigh.  Full of my favorite season's colors.

Stay tuned for more on this!


Sharon said...

The yarn looks like a beautiful color combination of brown sugar and honey. Sweet and luscious. Can't wait to see the shawl.

Brenda said...

Brown sugar and honey! You are so right. Thanks, Sharon! :)

wzgirl said...

Gorgeous, Brend! Truly dazzling!

Brenda said...

Thank you, Wends! xo