Friday, September 24, 2010

Indie yarns to dye for

I'm trying to be good and stick with my current (hugely overflowing) stash of yarn.  Trust me, I do not "need" new fiber.  That doesn't stop me from wanting!

Here are a few gorgeous picks from indie yarn dyers, perfect for Autumn, right into the holidays!

green tourmaline fingering weight, from stricken smitten
red velvet cake, from woolcandy
Canadian maple, See Jayne Knit Yarns

From top to bottom:
  1. Stricken Smitten, green tourmaline
  2. Wool Candy, Red velvet cake (LOVING her new eclair merino/silk blend sock yarn!)
  3. See Jayne Knit Yarns, Canadian maple
Which indie yarn dyers do you love?  What colors are you "dying" for this Autumn?


Kekumukula said...

They look so awesome. Man, they're skinny tho. I tend to stay away from that weight.

Brenda said...

They are! I'll post some nice chunky handspuns tomorrow. :) I might have to order that Canadian maple ... it is really calling to me!