Sunday, September 26, 2010

Proportion: knits for your individual frame

New!  Olive herringbone chunky oversized - just in time for Fall
Chunky herringbone cowl - I can wear this!
One of the (many) beauties of knitting is that you get to create your own proportions to fit your own ... proportions.

Do you love super bulky, chunky, oversized cowls and scarves - but your petite frame is totally buried wearing them?

Or maybe you're tall (like me) and love dainty, tiny, delicate lace knits (like me) - that just sort of disappear on your Amazonesque frame (um, yep ... like me).

And how ironic is it that we're so often drawn to the knits that really aren't that flattering on us?

I'm tall. Like 5'11" in bare feet tall. Which means 6' in most shoes. I'm not skinny - I have generous curves. :) So, me: very tall, blonde woman with Rubenesque figure. Here are some of the things I've learned not to wear:

1. Teeny, dainty jewelry (even though I LOVE dainty, delicate jewelry)
2. Lariat or skinny type scarves (seriously. not. flattering.)
3. Sweaters with boatnecks or horizontal stripes/patterns or cap sleeves or boxy

Instead, much more flattering to my particular frame/body type:

1. Bolder jewelry that stands out, particularly earrings that dangle
2. Chunky, wide, long scarves that create vertical (not horizontal) lines
3. Sweaters with 3/4 length sleeves, v-neck (long lines!), vertical stripes/patterns, and ruching truly creates miracles

Ariel Lace Neckwarmer
This is a little on the dainty side for me - but with a white button up shirt and fave jacket - fabulous
If you're petite, my list is probably not for you! You need accessories proportioned to your own frame. Big chunky earrings will overwhelm your face. Maybe wear a chunky brooch with smaller earrings. Too much knitted fabric will bury your figure - you can totally wear the super cute lariats and little neck bows and more petite versions of the super chunky oversized knits.

What do you think? Are you drawn to proportions and styles that really aren't perfect for your frame? Or maybe you're already on to this! If so, share your secrets with us in the comments!


madichan said...

I keep trying on pencil skirts, hoping that they will magically work. They don't. Also: I've grown accustomed to my pants being too long.

I think big, chunky knit scarves probably overwhelm me, but I don't care because they are deliciously warm in the winter.

Brenda said...

Oh, me too on the pencil skirts! I think you wear chunky oversized knits very well - and agree on the deliciousness! xo