Monday, October 25, 2010

Sneak peek: lace wall hangings

I actually designed and knit these mini hand knit lace wall hangings in preparation for Stitches West earlier this year ... then ran out of time to finish the pattern/kit.

I may release these as kits ... I haven't decided yet. For now, they're available in my home decor/art shop (more colors are coming!).

I really had fun knitting these. I was dying to use the lotus lace pattern - I love it's contemporary flavor - and liked the idea of using a garter stitch, very free form, using different sizes of needles.

I'm using a super thin organic cotton ribbon, tied to balsam dowels that I cut/sanded.

No two will be identical!  Perfect colors for Autumn (and gorgeous hand dyed colorway/merino wool from Lisa at Wabi Sabi Yarns!).


Kekumukula said...

A creative idea, Brenda!

Brenda said...

Thanks, Stefanie! :)

Summer said...

So lovely...I love how you've integrated home decor.