Sunday, August 07, 2005

Test + Final + Essay this week

Did I mention that along with being early 40's and working more than 40 hours each week, I'm also finishing my ding-blasted gorsh-darned degree?

Yep, it's true.

I'll be done in DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I was shouting.)

Had to take an intro to Philosophy class, required, no way around it, despite the logic, ethics, philosophy of religion, and other philosophy classes I've taken through the years. If you're not a major, and don't plan to teach in this, there's only so much Simile of the Forms or The Republic or Karl Marx one can read and retain sanity. I'm sure I'm a better person for it.

In any event, it's complete (!!!) this week -- five week online version of the 18-week community college class. Two, sometimes three, online tests (they call them "quizzes" ha) a week. One last test and then the two hour online final this Thursday.

I complain, but when I get into the zone, I do enjoy philosophy. I just highly resent being forced to take the general ed course despite finishing my degree almost two years ago except for this course. Karma?

I'm also taking a required 1-unit "humanities" course. Two weeks, three meetings, time that I'll never get back. I get to write an essay based on any article that I like from The New Yorker. I chose something by Atual Watanda (hope I spelled that right), a surgeon who's an excellent writer. Our instructor chose the New Yorker because of all publications available to us, this magazine is the only one that will give use TRUTH in media. Then she proceeded to read out loud (yep, she certainly did) an article that was so incredibly left-biased that my own moderately liberal or liberally conservative values felt the need for a long shower. Mind you, she chose this "article" from the "commentary" section, so impressed by their quality of investigative journalism. I wonder if I can get away with faxing in my essay and never coming back? How about (a) actual journalism vs. someone's column, (b) balanced journalism, and/or (c) humanities rather than politics? She went on and on about the Glorious Ariana Huffington (which would make my best friend very happy), another source of TRUTH rather than the lies that she cannot trust from the media.

Paranoid much?

Fanaticism in a Jesuit University. Who knew.

It's much more fun to rant about her than to write my essay. If bold, I'll do both. It's just one unit, though.


SemiMBA said...

Congrats on the impending completion of college. It is a pain in the butt to go when you are in your 40's! I have only 1 1/2 quarters to go -- MBA here I come. Show me the lack of money!

Phydeaux said...

Congrats right backatcha, semimba! I'm proud of you, and a wee jealous, since this is just my bachelors, and have a master's to go. We must be nuts to do this at our age, when we could be having a LIFE (or at least very seriously doing nothing). It does boil down to $$$ and opportunity.