Monday, August 08, 2005

Growing Up

Me, my brothers, and our mail box. Must have been 1968 or 1969, living in a new doublewide trailer home, which we thought was pretty elegant living, in the High Sierra desert. I think I was six, the youngest was just a year or so, and the middle would have been 4ish? That was a good life, filled with beautiful mountain scapes, great road trips all over the mountains and desert, playing with our cousins, who were my age and a little older, visiting with grandparents, lots of camping trips. Snakes, turtles, dogs, coyotes, the fear of scorpions (I never actually saw one). The search for arrowheads and other treasures. Visiting ghost towns and abandoned mines. Snow in the winter, egg-frying contests on the sidewalk in the summer. Living for the county fair. Small town life beats city life hands down.


glass hole studios said...

what are you doing up at 12am, crazy chick!

Phydeaux said...

It wasn't 12am when I started it! I just got sucked into the memories of the Owens Valley. Then I slept like a happy log.