Monday, September 26, 2005

More Book, TV and Movie Reviews

GREAT audio book, at least so far (I've been mesmerized and can't wait to find out what happens, even while dreading it): Philip Roth's The Plot Against America. Might even inspire you to read real US and WWII history.

In my august opinion, Lost was a GREAT season opener. More mysteries, more over the top improbabilities, more chewing of my nails. Can't wait to see how this turns out, and they'd better not cancel the show prematurely!

So-so = Surface and Invasion. Better than reality TV, that's for sure! But not as nail chewing as Lost started out last year.

OVER THE TOP, as usual, Nip/Tuck. Here I was thinking there was hope for Christian after all, then he's back in action with his hot threesome. Nothing's sacred, every emotion's explored, everyone's flawed, seems like one should be sanitized or otherwise cleansed after watching . . . can't wait for this week's episode!


Hitchhiker's Guide: Very strong start straight into a lackluster finish. I was disappointed by the end, but, hey, it's still better than the old BBC miniseries with the bobbing mannikin head taped to a shoulder!

The Aviator: Is Scorsese only going to make DiCaprio movies now? Is DiCaprio the new DeNiro (I think not, gentle readers)? Great great cast. Oscar nods well-deserved. Kind of hit the "so what" factor by the end. Also, GREAT sound track, makeup and costumes.

Peter Pan (2003, I think): OK, I'm a sucker for fairy tales, but I really did enjoy this. Obviously a kid's movie, but with beautiful costuming, makeup, special effects, etc. I was VERY tired after a 1.5 day conference watching it, which may have made it all the more enjoyable, but I found it a simple, lovely and magical little fairy tale. (p.s. I didn't rent or netflix this -- found gem on cable).

The Ballad of Jack and Rose: Brilliant, disturbing, hopeful, depressing, nailbiting, gorgeous, sad, happy. Daniel Day Lewis indie movie, which is all it took to suck me in. While not for the faint of heart, it was such a deeply moving, and disturbing, movie that I have to recommend it.

Warm Springs: HBO movie with Kenneth Brannaugh and Cynthia Nixon, story of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt. GO WATCH THIS GEM IMMEDIATELY!!! Can't recommend highly enough. I might even buy this one. Enough said.

Back to studying, paper writing, and work.

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glass hole studios said...

bren, you're right with Nip/tuck, holy cow...and this weeks-oy. thanks for the tips, I'll keep me eyes open for the HBO movies. lob