Thursday, September 15, 2005

The pets in Louisiana

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After a VERY long day (work, then school until 10, crazy traffic, not home until 10:30), I spent some time exploring fellow blogger's sites. And was immediately sucked into the Hurricane Katrina sites, which are completely overwhelming and unbelievable; however, I lived in the San Jose area during and following the 1989 earthquake, so have a very small sense of the nightmare that folks are living.

I listed to an NPR (national public radio) interview last night with an animal rescue worker. Now anyone who's perused my site may know I'm a little devoted to my two pets, and my friends know what a soft heart I have for any animal. I was a mess by the end of the interview, thinking of the abandoned cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, birds, farm animals, what have you.

I've told my friends that my little blog is basically a whinefest -- I haven't been creative enough yet to do anything significant. I'm ashamed now that I'm whining about Castlevania when the world is full of phenomenally important issues and problems.

HOWEVER . . . I am human. I am very overloaded and beyond stressed with work demands, two classes, and just trying to take care of my own health issues. If Castlevania, whiny blogs, and my self-important movie or book reviews help me cope, then I embrace my pathetic life.

Please do consider giving to your local SPCA, and perhaps to the Houston humane society, which has more than opened its doors and its heart to pets rescued from New Orleans. I'll be posting links to appropriate sites. And don't forget that your local humane society doesn't necessarily need money. They often accept donations such as newspapers (great beds after shredding), old towels or blankets, the unopened pet food that your picky pet won't eat, toys, etc.

Before anyone goes off on me for caring about animals more than humans, know that I've made significant financial donations to human relief organizations specific to Katrina in the last two weeks. Of course, people are important, and the stories are so overwhelming that I have to shut off the news and stop reading the reports.

Hug your loved ones, whether human or fuzzy or (fill in the blank), embrace that which makes you happy and helps you cope, and I'll look for Survivor postings tomorrow, since I'll be missing it thanks to school!


glass hole studios said...

lob lob and have you tried "tv without pity?" its great when you miss a show. it distills your favorite shows to the demented and cynical and delicous.

Phydeaux said...

The link is?