Monday, September 05, 2005

Movie "Reviews"

I wanted to go see "The Brothers Grimm" this weekend, because I'm so excited that a new Terry Gilliam movie is out. Instead, spend the weekend in with cats. Watched (cable, free!):
  • Roxanne (Steve Martin, Darryl Hannah): GREAT movie. Darryl Hannah pre-plastic surgery (have you noticed how sharply pointed her eyebrows have become?). Steve Martin as the heroic small town fire department captain smitten by the rocket scientist and cursed/blessed by his enormous nose. Great to watch after a good 10 year absence, and after having read Cyrano and watched the Gerard Depardieu version. Stands the test of time, a sweet romance and very funny movie.
  • Against All Odds (Jeff Bridges, Rachel Ward): I haven't seen this since I saw it in the theater more than 20 years ago. How time flies! Jeff Bridges, one forgets, was once very very hot (he still is, but we get to see a lot of abs in this movie). Rather formulaic, lots of cow eyes, but a good movie over all. Great sound track!
  • Howard's End (Emma Thompson, Anthony Hopkins): GREAT movie from Merchant Ivory Productions. Anthony Hopkins hasn't always been Hannibal Lecter. He's actually known, O Gen X'ers, for his strong perfomances in wonderful period pieces. Fantastic costumes, etc.
  • New York, New York (Robert DeNiro, Liza Minelli): This is the first time that I've watched this highly regarded film by Martin Scorsese. Great movie, fantastic music (though I was thinking about throwing myself out the window during the over the top musical menage near the end). I actually really really really hate musicals. I'm one of the two or three people who hated Chicago. I didn't know what to expect, but nearly immediately realized that this wouldn't be a happy story with DeNiro in it, who is so over the top intense that you almost have to take breaks from the movie to get away from him. I also have to add that older DeNiro is much more attractive than younger DeNiro. I couldn't think of a movie of his in which he's actually played a good guy, but I'm sure one or two might exist? Good movie. Fabulous costumes, makeup, etc. The last 20 minutes could have been condensed into 2 minutes.
  • Neverwhere (BBC miniseries): Oh, the wonders of Netflix. I loved reading the book, so when I saw the miniseries, I immediately put it in my cue. Little did I realize that the book was based on the miniseries. It was good, not overwhelmingly fabulous, but good. I'm re-reading the book (I've had it on my re-read shelf for years) now, and have faces to put to names.

Other recent movies that I've watched or turned off in horror/disdain:

  • Pink Flamingos (John Walters, Divine, et al). Good Lord, I can't believe they put this on cable. I think, oh 20 years ago or so, when I was in my "I can outshock/outstand/outwhatever anyone and anything" phase, that I might have appreciated this more. Like watching I Spit On Your Grave to prove to my brother that I was a tough chick, then found out he slept through the whole thing. Well, this baby is meant to disgust, and it succeeds. At least I can say that I've seen it. Too bad I can't remove it from my brain cells.
  • Bride and Prejudice. Bollywood, Jane Austen, Naveen Andrews, need I say more? It was OK, not wonderful, but fun. Yes, I hate musicals, but it's hard not to get caught up in the camp of Bollywood musicals. Definitely a very fun movie.
  • The Station Agent. GREAT movie. I was a bit set up, since everyone's gone on and on about what an incredible movie this is. I did truly love it, particularly watching how so many damaged people came together to create their own family and heal. Peter Dinklage, as the "station agent," put in an incredible performance.
  • A Very Long Engagement (Audrey Tatou). A very very very incredible movie. In my opinion, the best movie this year, by far. World War I, an amnesiac war victim, his disabled fiance who won't give up on finding him. This isn't an easy movie to watch -- lots of brutality and violence that seems reasonable given that this is war, but certainly not desirable to watch. Many layers to unravel--I'm still processing--with such incredible and beautiful cinematography and unique storytelling.

My advice: NEVER see Pink Flamingos (Sorry, Mr. Walters), DEFINITELY see A Very Long Engagement and The Station Agent.

I'm looking forward to The Aviator, American Splendor and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy next (Netflix!).


glass hole studios said...

phew doggies, sure you shouldn't be a movie reviewer??? lob your insights! k

technogreek said...

If I'm not mistaken, Neverwhere the BBC miniseries was based on the book. They're also now doing a comic book on it. Hope the ankle heals up nicely! :t:

Phydeaux said...

I thought the same, originally, but the book said it was based on the miniseries! Go figure!