Monday, September 05, 2005

End of a very relaxing Labor Day

It's hard to type this, given than Fiona is sort of wrapped around my left hand, and insists on using my laptop's touch pad as a pillow. Veeeeeerry relaxed cat, she is. Molly's curled up on my flannel p.j.'s, semi-fresh out of the dryer. Both are OUT. Wish I was too!

My goals this three-day weekend were simple: beat Castlevania/Lament of Innocence; spend major time relaxing with the cats; get my bedroom more organized; major kitchen cleaning; laundry; drive as little as possible (gas >$3/gallon???); find a pair of work slacks on major sale.


  • Darn Castlevania! I can't get past the ding-danged room in the Misty Pagoda/whatever it's called that needs all of the lamps switched on. I'm using the blasted wolf's paw. I keep re-amping my MP by getting repeatedly bashed by the ogres/trolls/whatever. But those $*&##$ thingamajiggers keep me from succeeding with the lamps. Any advice, before I lose my mind??? (other than giving up, getting a life, whatever....)
  • On Friday, when I came home from work at 7:20pm, instead of my more recent pattern of 8:30pm (end of fiscal year crunch), Fiona came running out to greet me, then froze, tail fluffed, and ran away under the bed. OMG. All I could figure is (a) she literally thought I was some stranger, (b) I need to spend more focused time with my pets, (c) maybe a weirdo was in the house (nope, I looked), and/or (d) Fiona's nuts. Well, Fiona is a bit daft (I think she was a street cat, much abused, before I adopted her). Nevertheless, what it really told me is that I need to be work on my work/life balance. Molly, who is NOT a lap cat by any stretch of the imagination, spent a lot of time on my lap this weekend. Very telling. So I relaxed with movies, books, as little TV as possible, stooopid Castlevania, music (jazz), etc. Good weekend. Cats like me again. More importantly, they know me and seem to feel safe again.
  • How do bedrooms evolve into such pits of junk and despair? Maybe it's just mine. In any event, got clothes put away, threw away bits of junk, major vacuuming, ironed lots of clothes, put all of my shoes in one place, put lots of things away, cleaned out bathroom drawers, filled a hefty bag with all sort of junk, etc. Sigh. Much happier.
  • Same for the kitchen. Still have to scrub the floor, but it's in much better shape.
  • ONE load of laundry left to do!!! Yea!!!
  • Only drove to the mall (slacks), local Safeway (groceries), and library (turn in overdues). Yea. The gas situation is out of control.
  • Macy's major sale snagged me two VERY nice pairs of work slacks and a very nice blouse, original total = $249, sale = $70. Can't beat that.

Even as I type this, I realize how meaningless anything I'm writing about is in comparison to the after effects of Katrina and the flooding in New Orleans/surrounding area. I have no complaints. I have beloved friends, family, pets, a roof over my head, belongings, etc. So, I don't have health, but who cares??? I'm alive and well. I can't complain about anything. I feel very blessed.

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