Monday, September 12, 2005

Musings from a geek . . . and proud of it

Lament of Innocence

So the ankle is FINE, though it still likes to tell me about it now and then. What a drama queen.

Big news of the week -- I got past the level that I was stuck on in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence! I even beat The Forgotten One (not on the first few tries, I must admit!)! I've been resoundly killed by Walter Bernhard, so am stocking up on more goodies. Found a GREAT trick to duplicate items in inventory. Nine diamonds for healing!

I'm very excited about Lost starting next week. I was sucked in to that show from the very second I started watching it. I'm also VERY happy to see very few reality shows on the Fall lineup. Maybe I'll start watching TV again . . .

Movie review from this weekend (when I should have been writing a paper!):

Cold Mountain: You just can't go wrong with this movie. GREAT soundtrack. I really don't like any of the lead actors, yet they were all so marvelous. Great romance. I always cry. LOVE this movie.

I started my LAST TWO CLASSES for my undergrad degree last week (yea!). Nothing like the 24 year degree program. Good grief, how does that happen? 24 years since high school??? Both are in organizational behavior, which I really enjoy, and if I log off of this, I can finish my reading and start a paper and a presentation due on Thursday. AND do another hour of work, maybe.

This post is a little ADD. Sorry, I just got home, need to go get my lentil stew (homemade yesterday) from the microwave, pay some attentions to my babies, and R - E - L - A - X.

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