Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Sunday!

Ahhh . . . Fall daylight savings . . . I'm revelling in feeling caught up with sleep (slept 12 hours Friday night -- I was VERY tired after a rough week at work + a sinus infection).

I've had a great weekend. Major bonding with my ignored and abused cats (at least if you listen to them. . .). Major sleep, which was my #1 goal. Started washing my winter sweaters. Finally kicked my sinus infection (or at least am starting to kick it). Very happy to be headache free for the first time in a week. Just submitted my online assignment for my online class.

I also worked a lot (big surprise there), had to finish up a LOT of work for an NIH grant proposal that's due on Tuesday.

Just watched a pretty sad Grey's Anatomy. It makes me miss my clinical days, though, sad or not. I have to say TV really stunk this weekend -- no old monster movies! I wanted to watch Frankenstein or Dracula or some other great movie from the 30's. OH WELL. How's this for weird, Bigfoot sightings in Oklahoma. I'm hooked, must watch this dumb show immediately.

I'm having more concrete thoughts about what I want to write. At least the theme. How's that for a teaser? Now I'm thinking through possible plots. More will follow, I'm sure!

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