Sunday, February 12, 2006

MAJOR house and yard makeovers needed

I spent a few hours yesterday reading about how to create one's own composter, since I have a yard FULL of leaves and twigs and branches. I keep changing my mind: compost what I have, or just trash it all, or post FREE COMPOST YOU HAUL on craigslist.

I at least raked out the edges of the patio to find where the concrete ends and the dirt begins. Along with leaves, branches, twigs, worms, acorns, and god know what kinds of bugs, I've dug up:

  • Christmas ornaments (!!!)
  • A lightbulb
  • Numerous rather garish garden ornaments (butterfly, flower, some kind of abstract thing)
  • A barbell with two 25lb weights on it (!!!)
  • Several doormats
  • Rotting gardening tools
  • Jimmy Hoffa

OK, maybe not Hoffa, but when I find human bones, I won't be at all surprised. Hey, maybe I should look harder for bones -- then the criminal labs will take EVERYTHING away, massively dig up the yard, and I can start from scratch.


Kind of.

I'm getting great exercise.

It's a GORGEOUS day, warm and balmy, breezy, pre-Spring day. Yay Spring!

I was up very late last night getting my bedroom in better shape, including scrubbing out all sorts of marks on the walls. I really need furniture -- one day at a time. Got the kitchen in better shape yesterday. Tried to get some rust stains out of the tub, finally gave up.

Today I'm tackling those rust stains using different cleaning stuff, hope to start tackling some of the hardwood floors, scrubbing more walls, cooking for the week (pasta salad and london broil), continuing with laundry, and continuing to get rid of boxes.

I WILL post photos today, too.