Sunday, February 19, 2006

Three Day Weekend!

First day . . . slept into the early afternoon. Must have needed it. Also got all of the leftover boxes and other junk out of the living room (into the second bedroom, my future office/art room/sewing room/guest bedroom), started my first fire (in the fireplace -- it was legit and safe!), and made things look more like a home and less like a warzone. Second day . . . swept, vacuumed, cleaned out fireplace ashes, laundry, spider hunt (it's time for them to learn who's boss) (hope I don't live to regret those words . . .). If it was warmer, I'd haul leaves to the trash, but it's still too cold for me. Actually, it's 50 degrees -- that's warm enough -- might be working in my yard this afternoon! Plans for rest of today . . . dunno. I so so badly want to relax and work on one of my cross stitch projects, or finish my lime green scarf, or READ (I kind of remember doing that . . . ), or just watch TV and do nothing else. Sadly, I just can't do it. It was four weeks ago last night that I started packing, and every weekend has been cleaning/unpacking/settling in/etc. There's just too much to do. I also really really really want to go for a nice walk through my new (or old?) neighborhood. I have a pile of those frames that you put a lot of photos into -- I'd love to fill those up and hang them. I'd love to make a nice pot of stew -- I have a beef stew recipe with "dried plums" and vanilla bean that I've been dying to make. Maybe that's what I'll do while continuing with all of the chores, and maybe I'll also pull out Mom's Christmas present to work on (kitty sampler). Tomorrow . . . plan to be at IKEA for store opening. There's a rug I want (on sale!) and some shelves that I want (not on sale!). I have to figure out where "my" piano can go. Mom's promised her piano to me (maybe she's changed her mind, though), but I've told her I can't take it until I have a house for it to go into. now I have the house! I'm thinking the wall just at the hallway into the bedrooms/bathroom. It's an indoor wall (important to prevent major temperature or moisture changes that harm the piano) and it has room. I would have to have it tuned after moving, then would have to take piano lessons (I haven't played since I was a kid, and then it wasn't that well), which I've been dying to do.

I filled out one grad school application last night, to USF's MPA with healthcare administration concentration. Starts in the Fall, two year program. I spent time looking at local MBA programs. I'd love to go to Berkeley's, but it's THREE years, requires a GMAT (which I'd have to take a few months to prepare myself for), and it's really expensives (>$30K/year). I looked at SJSU as my runner up, but it would take three to FOUR years, it's very very affordable, and I'd have to take at least two classes a semester (two nights/week, ugh). USF is TWO years, one night/week, I think there are also some Saturdays involved. It's a known quantity (did my undergrad there), and it's on the way home. No parking nightmares. Order books online. No graduate entrance exams (GMAT, GRE, etc.). I think the answer is clear. So I filled out my application last night. Have to write a personal statement, line up my references, and order transcripts.

Well, better get back to the fun!

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