Monday, March 27, 2006

Nothing much doin

Now that I'm slowly recovering from the my six months of torture at work that would be illegal under amnesty international, I'm starting to re learn how to relax. And be human. I've been working 8-10 hour days, vs. 14-16 hour days. I'm increasingly leaving work while it's still light outside. My cats continue to be cynics, not waiting for me at the window until after 7:30 or 8pm, but they'll learn . . .

I have to climb up 3 flights of stairs to my new cubicle, or wait for a rickety old SLOW elevator. All depends on how much my knees are crunching. They crunched pretty loud today, so I took the elevator more than usual. One knee's cartilage is pretty blown, the other is being worn away. A youth of running, hiking, biking, and the last 15 years of autoimmune disease and excess weight. I'm taking short walks on flat surfaces (NO stairs or hills) to start building up muscle + exercises meant to do the same. Have to reduce the wear on my tendons and cartilage. Can't wait for 43!!! Just two months away!

I've also finally figured out that the reason behind my horrendous headaches not affected by the usual pain killers is . . . sinuses. Darn things. Started with the sudafed last week -- pain free now, unless I slack off too much. I probably need to get my sinuses more closely looked at by the doctor. Just don't want to go there -- last time I took it seriously, they wanted me to have sinus surgery. Eesh.

Found new reasons to obsess over Castlevania, Symphony of the Night. This really is a truly remarkable videogame, and I very highly recommend it. Went bezerk with the jewel sword for a while, but now that's old. Finally made it from one end of the ding-blasted inverted castle to the other, but it usually kicks my butt too much, and I have to turn it off in disgust.

Enjoying reading a fiction series by Val McDermid. . .backwards. Yes, I started with a recent book, now at what I think is the second book. She's a great writer, though her books can be hard to read (psycho killers and all that stuff). Good mysteries and characters.

I'm sick sick sick of paying for lousy cable and getting nothing for it. HBO has been a total waste of $. I'm not a Sopranos fan, and have been very disappointed in the selection of shows. I might go dish. Need to decide. I'm wasting a lot of money on stinky cable.

However, very happily watched the 3rd season premiere of Blow Out last week. Jonathan . . . what a diva . . . good stuff. Also enjoyed Ladder 49 this weekend on Encore -- great movie.

Back to ebay -- lots of fun stuff to look at!

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