Saturday, April 01, 2006

Great day, lupus or not

SO SO SO tired last night, completely wiped out, that "my bones are tired" feeling that comes with autoimmune disease. And I'm still there.

BUT, I had such a great day anyway, dagnab it!

Woke up after 10, decided to dress nice for a change (usually slob out on the weekend) and go to Macy's for some clothes. Stopped at DSW, got a pair of great shoes for $50, but had a $25 off coupon, so $25!!! Went to Macy's, 40% off additional the clearance racks (yay yay yay), did very very very well. I kept deliberating over this gorgeous antique gold brocade jacket, but kept thinking "what would Clinton and Stacy say?" finally put it back. As I'm checking out, I'm hearing a fashion show starting by the escalator, and who's voice do I hear??? . . . .


No $#(O)(# kidding. I was so excited. So were little girls, young women, old women (so cute), and a whole lotta guys, too. SO GLAD I dressed nice and was looking good -- or I would have been called on the carpet (a few gals were).

I stood for two hours in my heels, watching the fashion show for we larger women (yay!) and just loving very minute of his oh so cuteness and really great fashion advice for the curvier of we women. He's a cutie: tall, slender, very smartly dressed, and cute as pie. Did I mention how cute he is?

YAY. Kris, Mom, I shoulda took a picture for you.

Found some really beautiful necklaces on sale at Coldwater Creek. I'm totally pooped by this point, knowing how much I might regret my grand adventure later this evening. Lupus is creeping throughout my body cells. I decide to forgo my planned bra fitting at Nordie's, but stop at Lane Bryant on my way out, and lo and behold, they offer bra fittings. So I got one! Of course, I've been wearing the wrong size, pick up a couple in my new size. Head for home!!! Picked up some lunch (hadn't eaten yet at ALL, and it's now after 3pm). Go home and lay down for the next six hours. (Also doing laundry.)

GOOD DAY. Despite the lovely pains I'm feeling throughout my bod. Despite the crushing, bone weary fatigue. Despite feeling weird buzzings throughout my limbs. Despite my hands not working so well, so that I keep dropping things. This is just my life. Been that way for >15 years. It'll be that way for way more than another 15 years. Because I have "mild" lupus. Ya, whatever.

Molly spent most of the day on the couch with me -- love that cat. I put her on the other night -- I should see how she's doing. Fiona's thrilled that I've folded and put away all of the clothes hogging up HER bed, and that I changed the sheets on HER bed, and she's not curled up in my (HER?) lap on HER bed. Very happy little cat. Soft as cashmere. Thank god for my bubbies. They've taken to sleeping on either side of me at night, under the covers, so we all keep very warm (still freaking cold here).

Hard to believe it's April!!

Tomorrow, I must I must I must do major cleaning. I really want to clean out the back bedroom and start using it. I also need to sort out clothes and books, and decide what I'm going to sell on ebay, and then learn how to sell on ebay . . .


glass hole studios said...

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLINTON...oh muy gawd. where was Stacey???? Sounds like a great day and I think KittyWar denied Meepers, not for his lack of cuteness but age. Dangit.

Phydeaux said...

I KNOW!!!!!!!! I was like a little girl at her first concert. It was so so cool. No Stacy, Just Clinton. I never hang out for those kinds of things, but there I was. YAY.

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