Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lupus (or whatever) seems to be rearing it's ugly head

Tired tired tired. Ran errands for an hour or two, great aspirations of cleaning out the second bedroom, got home so wiped I couldn't put my groceries away while I collapsed on the couch for more than an hour. Got up every 30-45 minutes to put away some food, lay back down. FUN. Managed to roast a chicken and asparagus, bake some muffins and cut up fruit for a KILLER fruit salad. Mangoes, tuscany melon (VERY fragrant and rich), pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, oranges. I'm addicted to good fruit right now.

Before it rained, I spent some time exploring my back yard (IT'S SO BEYOOOTIFUL). I keep thinking I can hear the creek, and now I know why -- it's just kitty corner from the right corner of my back yard. YAY. Then, stoopid me, I picked up a rake. I don't really regret it, except that I had to lay down for an hour (maybe I'm anemic!). I uncovered more territory. Found MORE TRASH (the slobs who used to live her): broken toys, old lawn ornaments, odd bits of trash.

I did move the mattresses out of the back bedroom, but now they're in the living room. But I had to in order to get to the boxes that are still packed. Got a buncha boxes into a closet (books -- are ya shocked?). Unpacked a couple of boxes. Then ironed my new clothes, and got into bed for Grey's Anatomy and a little blogging.

Can't wait to go to sleep. It's nice and cool in here, fresh rainy air from the window. Unfortunately, the cats slept most of the day, so they're just starting to move around and make noise. Oy.

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