Monday, April 03, 2006

When will it stop raining??? (part ii)

Pouring rain all day long. Just checked the forecast -- rain through at least Friday.


So so day at work -- hard to be really excited when you're wiped and in pain (see recent blogs). So, treated myself to pizza for dinner (yea, that's going to really cure me -- it will definitely help me retain a lot of water, hence, more swollen fingers). Greeted at the door by my bubbies -- always cures what ails me. Now we're all in bed, we'll I'm in bed. Fiona's in and out of bed. Who knows where Molly is! ("Where's Andre?")

So, I'm going to do a little work. I wish I had a good book to read, but I don't, so reading's out.

For a GORGEOUS piece of glass (ha ha, the pun isn't lost on me), go see

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