Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Happy sugarless birthday to me . . .

The good news is that my doctor finally called me. The bad news is that she confirmed that I do, indeed, have diabetes. The good news is that my labs look really good for someone w/diabetes. My fasting glucose was nearly normal and my hemoglobin a1c is .1 over the desired level, which means I won't need medications and, MORE importantly, don't need to do fingersticks.

That's my bday present right there!

So, I'll get labs drawn in three months and she enrolled me in a 2.5 hour diabetes 101 or bootcamp or intro or whatever class in a couple of weeks. I have to regularly exercise, which I've already started to do, and have to change my diet, which I've also started to do, but will learn more about. And I have to lose weight (of COURSE), which I can't imagine I won't do by doing the above. I'm definitely motivated, since I don't want to ever have to check my own blood and don't want to take meds to manage this.

So there you go!

In the meantime, I found a lovely gift bag on my front step this morning from some of my dear friends from a local chocolatier (just down the street . . . hard to know with the above!). I imbibed a little today: white chocolate-cover apricot caramel (JUST as good as it sounds) and some dark chocolate covered "champagne grapes" (also delish). Never fear, also preparing a lovely salad for dinner + some bbq'd corn and london broil.

Reading Charles de Lint's WONDERFUL "Widdershins" today (great way to spend one's bday). I've missed reading him! Especially missed reading about Jilly and Geordie. Yay!

Also picked up a shovel and have been working off and on in . . . prepare yourself . . . yes, it's true . . . the back yard! Uncovered more brick work. Started spading soil and gave it a good soak.

And . . . the girls are COMPLETELY mesmerized by the bird feeders I put up last night. The birds, little gluttons, have already emptied >half of one of the feeders! I don't know if I'll ever get the girls away from the windows. Maybe once the birds head off to their nests tonight. I'm glad they're so happy.

I'm heading off to see my folks tomorrow a.m. for my dad's bday, then back on Thursday evening. Then ONLY three more days off . . . I need a longer vacation!!!!

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glass hole studios said...

love the new look, kitty pictures and you and bubby. Tooo much. Rich bought me Whittershines today...eeehhhhhhh. lob k