Sunday, June 04, 2006

First June Weekend

I've returned from my folks' "egg ranch," celebrating Dad's and my bdays. Darn, didn't bring a camera for pics!

  • Putting the 300-350 baby chickies on their roosts in humid heat, dark and -- dare I mention -- chickie manure. I was so panicked about making sure no chickies smothered themselves (they pile on top of one another to sleep and keep warm) that a little chickie poop didn't matter to me at all. They're very very sweet, but also a monetary investment, adding to the importance of keeping them alive! Egg machines!
  • Shopping mall with Mom -- she found some bare minerals eye shadows that she loved, and I found a "kit" that I loved -- a successful trip!
The girls were VERY happy when I came home. Now, Molly's got her head stuck out of my bedroom window right now (I'm trying to catch a breeze -- it's hot today!). And Fiona's longingly pressed against the screen door at the back yard. I let them both out for 30 minutes or so just a bit ago, with the fence portions of the yard blocked off with sprinklers. They're very happy cats.

Unfortunately . . . back to work tomorrow. I could get used to this relaxing thing!

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