Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yay May!

Not only Yay for May, but Yay for a week of vacation! First since last summer!

My year in review?

Too much in too little time: finished a degree while filling in for two jobs in addition to my own while moving while in the midst of more than four months solid of rain while moving my own office/cubicle twice (not counting my three weeks of not having a workspace at all) while moving other faculty/staff at least four times while dealing with new health issues while not having time for fun while somehow maintaining my sanity while thank god I'm a Type A personality!

So, a nice three day weekend stretched into a nicer entire week off.

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow and getting back into the serious business of blogging.

Latest adventures in media and books:

"The Ice Child" (don't have the author's name in front of me): highly recommended read, tying together several stories: an ailing polar bear and her equally ailing cub, a mother and her dying son, a dead father and his self-wounded son, and the Franklin expedition to the Arctic.

"The Town that Forgot to Breath:" again, don't have the author's name (sorry!), but a creepy fantasy set in Newfoundland. Interesting, but don't read after dark . . .

"Lost" finale: I think I'll rewatch it this week online. It was certainly an adventure! Great great series, which I'd like even if TV land weren't so dismal.

"Grey's Anatomy" finale: Every time I watch this show, I think "what a bunch of schlock" and then I immediately watch it the following week. Same for the finale. It's so ridiculously over the top. Yet I love George and McDreamy and even pathetic Christina. I can't stomach Meredith, the antiheroine, any longer. Izzy lost me throughout her stalking of Denny (can you stalk your own bedbound patient needing a heart transplant? oh yeah, you can on this show). I'll be watching it in the Fall. At least I refuse to watch Desperate Housewives . . .

"Doctor Who:" I was SO excited to see this on scifi channel, but have to admit that I much prefer the Tom Baker and John Pertwee days (embracing my inner nerd . . . again).

Have a new Sue Henry mystery and an old Val McDermid mystery to start off my vacation. Also picked up the soundtrack to Amelie. Have to watch my netflix movies that are gathering dust. Looking forward to some Home Depot time this week to fix up the place (thanks Kris and Rich!).

AND . . . I have to turn 43 this week.


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glass hole studios said...

missed your musing!!! glad to have you back in the world that is compelled to blog. Your cats looked mystified and exstatic. lob lob. K