Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Rain

Yep, it's true, still raining, though we had a little break this afternoon.

Boy, busy busy day! Nice sleep in. Little bit of errands. Chores. Installed new curtain rods and hung curtains in my bedroom -- looks REALLY great. Put some shelves up in my room. Tried to set up and install my printer, but . . . found that I don't have a USB cord (I thought I did!). Darn! Then couldn't get online, and also wasn't getting digital cable on either TV, so thought . . . hmmm . . . must be something with the cable overall, not just my modem or computer. Then an hour later, I was able to get online.

Thinking about dinner. Maybe a jicama/orange/olive/arugala salad. Or maybe just a pint of ice cream (tempting, isn't it?).

Weekends are simply too short. I figured today I have at least 80 hours worth of projects to do, but only 16 hours/weekend, given chores and errands and sleep. Might have to take a week from work!

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