Sunday, July 23, 2006

Heat wave!!!

One of the reasons people live in the Bay Area, other than the higher wages (offset by the stupendously high cost of living), is the weather. Not too cold, never too hot, when it does start getting to 100, the fog and ocean breezes bring the temps down overnight.



My bedroom was 99 yesterday, and that was the coolest room in the house.

Today, we got to 97 inside. I think it hit 100 outside. Last night, I finally drifted off after 4:30am, when it got to a nice comfortable 90 degrees. We didn't get our cooling night temps. However, right now, it feels like heaven at 79 at the window fan and 81 at the door fan. I think I'll actually get to sleep!

The poor girls are puddles and have little to do with me. I just try to make sure they're drinking water.

I tried to buy a window a/c today, but, shockingly enough, there are no more fans or a/c to be found!

So I found a few online that I think might work. I'll get one ordered tomorrow with rush delivery. It's not even August yet, and often September's the hottest month for the Bay Area.

I didn't do a whole lot this weekend, given that it's so hot and oppressive that breathing seems a chore. Errands, washed car, cleaned house, laundry. Too hot to pull the computer out until just now. It's supposed to cool down from here, hope it's true!

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glass hole studios said...

trust me, even hotter in Sac. my mantra is...its only temporary, its only temporary, its only temporary!!!